December 16, 2019

Another historic event happens in Israel; it's a third election in a one year period of time

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JD: Well Winkie I guess it’s official, a third election within one year. Can you believe that?

WM: I have to Jimmy there’s some things you just cannot deny. As we we’re discussing the crisis and the negotiations and trying to figure out the balances I remind our listeners again Israel is a Parliamentary system. Just these past 2 elections as ever since 1949 no one party has ever gotten a full majority in the Knesset 61 seats out of 120. Therefore we need coalition governments where the major party has smaller parties join up to pass over that 61 seat threshold and these past two elections.

All though the two major parties by themselves could have set up a unity or a broad base coalition the differences were too much because in the end one party the Blue & White did not want Benjamin Netanyahu to be the Prime Minister. That was their guiding principle Mr. Netanyahu I think justifiably said, I have not been proved guilty by law I do not have to resign but you cannot force me to follow “your moral principles and resign”.

JD: But I do hear Winkie that it became very possible for this coalition to come together. Who was it? Was it the Blue & White party and Gantz that really stopped the whole thing?

WM: Well Jimmy I have to be fair here. I want to share blame between the Blue & White party and Avigdor Lieberman who could have joined the Likud coalition with the other parties. He was in governments previously. He helped out and cooperated with the religious parties and the Ultra Orthodox Ashkenazi European party. This time he said no. So if he has principles I can honor them but he has to be blamed as much as anybody here for sending this to the third round of elections.

JD: Winkie Medad explaining why the Israeli body politic will go to a third election in one-year.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Winkie said there are some things you just cannot deny. And a third election in Israel in one year is not only historic but you cannot deny it. It has never happened in the Jewish state. Elections are key to how the Lord directs the nations of this world into the future. For over 4,500 years God has used human government, Genesis 9:6, to direct the world and it’s nations in the way of His will. He will do that also in the future and that’s Revelation 17:17. As the Lord directs human world leaders His will will indeed be played out.