December 27, 2019

God has used music and will continue to do so, to reveal the truth of the first coming of Jesus Christ

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JD: David, what can you tell us about this song?

DJ: Well the song "Mary Did You Know" the words written by Mark Lowery and that was back in 1984 as he was working on a Christmas program for his church. Now the music wasn’t written until 1991 when Mark gave the words to Betty Greene who was also touring with the Gaither of Vocal Band. Michael English who was also part of the Gaither Band was actually the first person to record the song that same year. The one we’re playing today is based on an arrangement that Mark Lowery has used.

Over the last 30 years literally hundreds of people have recorded it and it has charted many times. Last Sunday I sang the song at our church and the music director made the comment that she thought it was one of the best songs that had ever been written. And "Mary Did You Know" is written from the prospective of someone asking Mary a series of questions in trying to understand just how much Mary actually grasped in those early days just before and after Jesus was born.

Song: Mary Did You Know

JD: David I would have to agree with your music director. It’s a great song and one of my favorites. It may well be the favorite of all Christmas songs that talk about the birth of Jesus Christ; great-Biblical truth.

David James and the great song, the Christmas song "Mary Did You Know". God created music to reveal and prophesize both the first coming and the second coming of Jesus Christ.