December 05, 2019

The Palestinian leadership calls for a "Day of Rage" which is Palestinian violence against the Jewish people

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JD: The Palestinians were involved in a Day of Rage. Can you tell us what is that “Day of Rage”?

IM: Over the years the Palestinian Authority closer to the Days of Rage when there’s something political happens that they want to protest. What’s significant is that where as certainly protest is as legal and excepted around the world they call for violence, they call for rage. One of the Palestinian leaders in discussing this Day of Rage said we have to escalate the confrontations. Another one used a terminology we have to escalate until it leads to a full fledge intifada. Intifada is a Palestinian euphemism for terror campaign. We’ve had two intifada. One of them in which 200 Israelis were killed and one of them which 1,100 Israelis were killed.

The Palestinian Authority fits the precise definition of a terror organization. A terror organization is an organization that uses violence in order to achieve political gain. That’s exactly what they do. They call for Days of Rage and violence and terror. This was in response to statement by the United States Government, the Secretary of State that settlements are not illegal. And in response to that legitimate political statement, you can agree or disagree, the Palestinian Authority is calling for violence. Again like I said this is so important because it’s not just a Day of Rage it is typical of terror organization to call for violence to achieve a political goal.

JD: Itamar Marcus with the details behind the Palestinian “Day of Rage”, that’s Palestinian violence against the Jewish people.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Palestinian led Day of Rage violence against the Jewish people is evidence that Bible prophecy in God’s word is being played out today. Ezekiel 35 reveals that the Palestinians, Mount Seir in that passage, the Palestinians will rise up and kill the Jews. Malachi 1 foretells of the time when the Edomites will return. The Palestinians are the modern day Edomites and they will be despised by the Lord. In fact, the Jewish prophet Obadiah reveals that the Lord will allow the Jews to destroy the Palestinians as if they have never been, that’s Obadiah verse 18.

Although this may sound harsh the Palestinians, the Edomites of years past have killed hundreds and thousands of Jews. God’s judgment for that act is that the Palestinians will be wiped out as if they have never been.