January 09, 2020

A national TV journalist referred to Noah and the Flood as a fairy tale

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JD: Chuck Todd who leads up the Meet the Press program on the NBC network eluted to a letter and it referred to Noah and the Flood as a fairy tale. What Biblical evidence do we have and why would you say that is wrong?

RP: When it comes to simply the geological record the Bible tells us that when we look at even population about 6,000 years ago we had the first population through Adam and Eve. About 4,500 years ago we realized there was sort of a bottle neck genetically because after the Great Flood you had the reduction of the human rates down to just 8 people. And it starts again with them. Important thing of this is that when you're looking at this you get a much more accurate and much more complete look at the genetic record.

When we have studies scientifically that put us in a time frame and the Bible says in that same time frame the only way to account for this is the restart of humanity after the Great Flood. But then you go to things like the flood accounts that exists. All of these ancient accounts are very interestingly parallel to the Bible. But they pre-date the Bible. They have some elements in them which deal with the shape of the Ark or the duration of the Flood or the case the fact that it's a global event. And if a worldwide flood never happened why are there so many stories about it. So you compare that to the Bible which is probably the latest of the accounts. You find a very straight forward historical account with details that are accurate. They can go out and build the Ark. In fact they did that over in Ohio. So the Bible could not have borrowed its material from that. So something happened. The whole of the Old Testament cites the Flood. The New Testament, Jesus and the apostles all cite the Flood. So it's either the whole Bible or no Bible to the Flood account.

JD: Dr. Randall Price with his input on whether the Biblical account of Noah and the Flood is a fairy tale.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Biblical history is often challenged by so called intellectuals as to its authenticity. Chuck Todd stated on Meet the Press this last weekend does not stand up to worldwide historic accounts. Dr. Price's response to Todd is based upon truth not a myth. Jesus Christ confirmed the Biblical account of Noah and the Flood, that's Matthew 24:37. In fact the Bible is filled with such historic accounts. This report also confirms prophetic truth in the future. Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah so shall it also be in the days of His coming back to the earth.