January 23, 2020

President Trump is presenting peace and the Palestinians are preparing for war

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JD: The 55th Anniversary was celebrated over in Bethlehem. Why was that the case?

IM: Every year Fatah celebrates its Anniversary in Bethlehem with a march and this march honors terrorist. We have seen children with masks on and wearing plastic mock suicide belts. Now why would you have children, what message is that to children that they're going around with suicide belts? Other children walked around with RPGs; other adults walked around with hatchets. So you're talking about a military terror supporting parade by Fatah supposedly the peace partner. And this is going through the streets of Bethlehem which is a Christian city believing in Christianity certainly is promoting peace. And you've got essentially the Palestinian Authority turning this Christian city into a bastion of terror promotion.

JD: I hear from Washington DC that Donald Trump is considering presenting his peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That doesn't seem like what Mahmoud Abbas head of the Palestinian Authority head of the Fatah the terrorist organization of the Palestinian people is looking forward to in 2020. They want more of the same violence and the arms struggle against the Jewish state.

IM: Mahmoud Abbas has already, since Trump announced that he was going to come up with a plan Abbas has already rejected it. He and everyone of his leaders have rejected it, condemned it. We've had such a full figments about the American leadership. Abbas's advisor on religion on no less. Mahmoud Abbas talked about what was being said by some of the American leaders and he said, "The erred of a Palestinian child is more important than the word of these American leaders". That's the attitude of the Palestinian Authority to the United States. The Palestinian Authority doesn't care who has been supporting them. They still have hatred with the United States. When the United States was funding them they were a little bit quieter about it but as soon as the United States isn't pouring over the money they let their hatred right out of the bag.

JD: Itamar Marcus explaining that as President Trump gets ready to present his peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the Palestinians are preparing for war.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

As Fatah, the Palestinian resistance group started by Yasser Arafat celebrates its 55th Anniversary in Bethlehem the Palestinian leadership is training Palestinian children how to fight the Jews in the arm struggle that they believe will give them victory over the Jewish people. This celebration is a precursor to the violence that the Palestinians believe will help them to kill the Jews and steal this Jewish land as foretold in Ezekiel 35:1-12.