January 16, 2020

The Ukrainian Church in America may be used of God to turn America back to God

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JD: When I called you while you were in Phoenix, Arizona on your way back from California you were telling me you had just spoken to a large group of Ukrainian pastors out in Sacramento, California. Can you just briefly give us a report on what that was.

SR: I can indeed. The American Pastors Network was invited to go to California. In Sacramento believe it or not there are over 200,000 Slavic individuals. That's Russian primarily, Ukrainian that are in Sacramento. Now get this 200,000 of the population of Sacramento, California out of the 1 million total are Slavic. There are 130 Slavic churches. These are gospel preaching churches in Sacramento alone.

I was able to present what the Bible says about a Biblical world view and how God has laid out His plan for the nations. And I'm telling you Jimmy the response was overwhelming. They understand a zaroust mentality, an emperor mentality. Their view of government has been influenced not by the model that God lays out in Scripture that was put into place by American founders on the bases of Christian education. So they came here for freedom from these countries because they didn't have it. But they are here but they don't really feel like they are a part yet. They said come teach us what the Bible says even though they are strong preachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ and they have had family members killed by communist leaders in the past. They don't have a full understanding of Biblical truth. And so God presented an opportunity of a significant sort and their response was just overwhelming. God has opened the door. There's something happening and we were able to be a part of that and it's going to be a developing circumstance going forward.

JD: Sam Rohrer with the details of the growing Ukrainian church population that could be used of God to turn America back to God.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam Rohrer who is the President of the American Pastors Network and a national broadcaster recently spoke to a number of Ukrainian pastors in California who the Lord may use in a mighty way in America. Though not knowledgeable of the way Biblical human government operates their desire their desire to follow the Lord's directive in all of their lifestyle based upon Biblical principles puts them in a position that they may be used to bring an awakening in the Christian community in the United States. As these Ukrainian pastors learn and teach the Biblical prophetic truth of God's word the Lord may well revive a desire for the Rapture and the return of Jesus Christ.