February 18, 2020

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is responsible for radical Islam in Iran

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JD: Talk to me just a moment about the Shah of Iran. Your dad did work for him in the military, he resigned and you and your family left Iran before the Ayatollah returned. But give me a little bit of insight into the Shah. Was he a dictator?

SH: This is the irony of I think of the memory of most Iranians. Before the Revolution there was this imagery of the Shah that he was obviously very opulent monarch. They use to call it a dictatorial monarchy. But the Shah is a title for a king a monarch. Some would say he was brutal yet the brutality and now Iranians as they reflect back 41 years later after having lived under Islamic rule for 41 years. Now they look back and say boy what a mistake we made because his brutality was more towards keeping those who were fundamentalist, 15 percent of the population of Iran that were religious fundamentalist within Shia Islam in particular. That hasn't worked out very well obviously and the people were duked.

But the Shah yes he was a monarch. He was opulent. He was at times brutal. But the Shah was predominately going after those who were trying to overthrow and ultimately what happened. Iran pre-Revolution to now is different. You can't even recognize it.

JD: Do you think Jimmy Carter played a role in bringing down the Shah?

SH: Oh without fail, without fail. Which is why my dad who was an officer in the army under the Shah why he resigned. They claimed that the Shah was brutal to his people. Well how about now. I mean what has history taught us now? What has been more brutal to the Iranian people? The Shah, the secret police and again dealing with those predominantly those who were the religious fundamentalist or 41 years of the most oppressive Islamic theocracy on the planet and what it has done to the people of Iran.

JD: Native born Iranian Shahram Hadian with the details on how US President Jimmy Carter helped facilitate the Islamic Republic in Iran today.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Presidents and other political leaders do make decisions that facilitate the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, that's Revelation 17:17. Add to that political decision the emergence of radical Islamic agenda and we see how the world stage is set to preform the prophetic drama of God's plan for the end times found in the book of Daniel and Ezekiel. These two prophets pre-wrote history, Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 11. These prophecies seem to be unfolding today.