February 28, 2020

The Disney Production Company is developing a children's cartoon in partnership with Satan

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JD: One of the current topics that we thought about discussing David was Disney's newest children's cartoon and it's called the Owl House. I wanted to go ahead and talk about it because I do think it's still very important.

DJ: You're right Jimmy and the Owl House is the Disney channel's newest children's cartoon. It premiered just a few weeks ago and it was already renewed for a second season even before the first season began. Now the main central character is a teenage girl who was sent to a reality check camp which is sort of a bootcamp for troubled teens because of bad behavior. Instead of making it to the camp she stumbles through a portal into another world called the boiling isles which are the remains of the dead Titans. In ancient Greek mythology the Titans were gods who came before the Olympian gods like Zeus and Hera. And its here in this place that the girl encounters two of the other main characters. One a rebellious witch named Eda the owl lady with the other being a little demon who describes himself as the king of the demons and whom promotional material describes as an adorable tiny warrior.

So the series centers around the adventures of this human teenager in this demonic realm where she's the witches apprentice and learns from her and the little demon on how to acquire and use magic to fulfill her dream of becoming a witch. I'm not against fiction or even fantasy per say but I would say that normalizing interactions with witches and demons as just being innocent fun for kids that's just going way to far in my opinion. And it's really all quite disturbing especially as a children's cartoon. And those involved with the Owl House are practicing a lie. So it would be difficult to over state just how serious this really is.

JD: David James Bible in hand with the details on the new Disney production a children's cartoon featuring demons, witches and the devil.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

You may find Dave's report very disturbing as I did. The new Disney production, the Owl House is teaching children to be open to a relationship with demons, witches and the devil. The Bible says put on the whole armor of God that you will be in the last days able to stand against the devil, that's Ephesians 6:10-18. In the book of James 4:7 it says draw near to the Lord and the devil will flee from you. These are key verses in the last days when the devil and his demons will become very active.