March 24, 2020

An Iranian high ranking official is calling for Iranians to spread the coronavirus in order to bring the Mahdi, the Messiah

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JD: Iran official is calling for a deliberate spread of the Coronavirus worldwide and he said for the purpose of bringing the Mahdi the Islamic Messiah on the scene.

KT: Low and behold comes an Iranian Talisman who encourages Iranians to spread this virus around the world to bring about the Mahdi and the end times. It is in keeping with Shiite eschatology. This particular individual heads a think tank that is sponsored by the Supreme leader. He is saying that the Coronavirus pandemic is the prelude to the emergence of the expected Mahdi.

JD: People don't realize sometimes that the Muslims and in particular Iran have an eschatology. They believe that Mahdi will come up out of Iran itself. But at the same time there are other officials that are warning that the virus will probably kill millions there in the Islamic Republic. This is going to be a real hard time for them as well.

KT: It is going to be a hard time because up until just this past week they were allowing Pilgrims to go to religious shrines in Mashhad and then Qom where they have the particular habit of licking these shrines. It's no coincidence that the pandemic has broken out in both of those towns and in particular Qom where tens of thousands of Iranians have been infected. They could have hundreds of thousands of deaths in the coming months. People are starting to warn about that in Iran, public health officials are starting to warn. They're getting mixed messages from the very top.

JD: Ken Timmerman with his report on the Iranians calling for the Iranian people to spread the Coronavirus in order to bring the Mahdi the Muslim Messiah.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Shiite Muslim eschatology believes that a catastrophe for example a pandemic like the Coronavirus will bring the Muslim Messiah, the Mahdi, to power and he will be the leader of a worldwide kingdom the caliphate. Remember that is Islamic eschatology an end time scenario in the Islamic world. It is not the scenario for a true Biblical eschatology.

This pandemic is what Jesus referred to in His Olivet Discourse, that's Matthew 24:7 when He said prior to His second coming there will be pestilence, pandemic disease throughout all of our world. What is happening today is not the pandemic that Jesus spoke about. That will happen in the future Tribulation period.