March 26, 2020

An Israeli Rabbi says that if the Vatican does not return Temple furniture to Jerusalem, the Coronavirus in Rome will intensify

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JD: In 70 AD when General Titus came into Jerusalem from direction by his father Vespasian who was the Roman Emperor at the time to destroy the city of Jerusalem, devastate the Temple and disperse the Jews to the four corners of the Earth that they took a number of vessels back into Rome with the purpose of being able to take the treasuries of the Temple and rebuild the Roman Empire. In fact in 71 AD the Roman Empire did build that wonderful Colosseum there located in Rome. Is that factual that they did take these implements back into Rome?

WM: Well let's put it this way Jimmy, we do know that the Colosseum was built with a lot of the money and property that was taken after the revolt in Judea. Whether or not the implements or any of the parts of the Temple. I know that many believe it and I know that the Vatican has not been open enough about saying well come on in to our archives. So this remains as a question. I cannot say whether it is wrong or right.

I would think that if anything was found they would have taken it back. It happened with Babylon about 500 years earlier. It happens all over the world. Conquering armies where they plunder and took things away so it's not out of the ordinary. Unfortunately though we do not know because the Vatican as far as I know has not been open completely about it. I have read denials but I can't fully believe them because I don't think there's full proof that they are not there.

JD: Winkie Medad with details behind the Vatican's refusal to return Jewish Temple furniture to the Jews in Jerusalem.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Winkie's report is the latest update on the battle by Israel to have them return to the Jewish people the Jewish Temple furniture so that these items can be placed in the next Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Having visited Rome I can testify that on the Arch of Titus in the Old City of Rome there is engraved on that arch two silver trumpets, the table of showbread, and the Menorah the seven branched candelabra. These Temple implements are evidence that the Vatican at least has these three items in their basement. There are reports of 50 tons of gold and silver brought by Titus back to Rome to be used to rebuild the Roman Empire in 70 AD.

This report is evidence of Bible prophecy being fulfilled.