June 09, 2020

Israel's enemies want control of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

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JD: I understand there's a secret deal that's been going on especially between Israel and Saudi Arabia. The purpose is challenging Turkey for the control of the Temple Mount. How did Saudi Arabia and Turkey get involved there at the Temple Mount? Can you give us some details on this deal?

DD: Both countries are Muslim countries and Islam considers Jerusalem one of its holy sites on Earth not its holiest of course that being in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Erdogan the dictator the leader of Turkey, we see him asserting his country more and more in the region not just in Israel and the territories but all over the place. He's upped his money giving to the Palestinians considerably. He's been pouring in money into Jerusalem in particular and setting up institutions there.

What we have Jimmy is a clash between the establishment Muslims which the Saudi's represent and Egypt and Jordan, and the radical groups which Iran heads. But Turkey has increasingly riding along that coast as well. Secret negotiations have been going on between Israel and the Saudis to get some Saudi representatives on the Waqf. That is the Muslim group that runs the Temple Mount. They've done so since after the Muslims took the city from the Crusaders really in 1100 something. Jordan controls that body and has since 1948.

Now the Turks have been influencing that body by the Palestinians that are on the Waqf that use to be only Jordanians sat on it. Some of those have been voicing the opinions of Turkey and that's not pleasing to the Israeli's very much. Everyone is turning out to be quite an enemy actually of Israel. They have heard from the Saudis that we want some representatives on that council to balance the Turkish influence in the region. The radicals and the more moderates are fighting for domination in the whole region and control of the Temple Mount is one of the issues that they're involved with. And again it's a very holy site to the Muslims but the holiest site on Earth as we've often discussed to the Jewish people so, they obviously have a great interest in this struggle.

JD: David Dolan with details behind the secret deal on the Temple Mount between the enemies of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report helps us to see how Bible prophecy is quickly coming into focus and about to be fulfilled. In fact the ancient Jewish prophet Zechariah spoke of this activity in his prophetic book Zechariah 12:2 where we read of the controversy that will surround the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in the last days.

Dave's report is tangible evidence how that prophecy will be fulfilled and seemingly in the near future.