July 07, 2020

Annexation in Israel has stirred up the Middle East, and even the Vatican, to the extent that Israel is now on the brink of war

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JD: Avigdor Lieberman who was the former Defense Minister making the statement that Israel is on the brink of war with Iran and Hezbollah. What do we know?

DD: Well Jimmy increasing signs that that may indeed be the case as we've been detailing really for the past few months. But we've had more movements of Hezbollah in Syria. We've had this week Hamas and Islamic Jihad saying they would work together against Israel especially if there is any annexation. And of course most importantly we've had now three incidents they're calling them in Iran where they enrich uranium. Kuwait Newspaper is saying it was a cyber attack blaming Israel for it.

One of their officials said we are checking everything out and we will have a response when we determine exactly what happened. Initially they said it was just an accident but the photographs look like it was a bomb or something that really exploded. Big tensions between Iran and Israel. So if you're an enemy of Israel this might be a great time to strike. A lot of reports that in the next month or so we will have a full assault on the country.

JD: Meanwhile the Vatican out of Rome warning Israel an annexation will put in jeopardy the peace process. Now I'm not sure how well the peace process is going. They really are not involved making decisions in Israel are they?

DD: No but they've been involved in the Palestinian - Israeli talk on the sidelines. I remember when the Foreign Minister met with the Vatican official to brief among the Oslo talks that were going on in the 90s. So they've always treated the Vatican as a state a country which it considers itself. There are of course tens of thousands of mostly Arabs Catholics in the country. The Trump administration has reportedly said we're preoccupied right now with what's going on in our country and this wouldn't be the right time for such a dramatic potentially explosive move to be taken annexing parts of Judea and Samaria and possibly the Jordan Valley.

JD: David Dolan explaining how annexation of Judea and Samaria has stirred up the Middle East and the Vatican enough so that the state of Israel is now on the brink of war.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Bible prophecy tells us that the Islamic nations will align themselves for the purpose of wiping the Jewish State off the face of the earth, that's Ezekiel 38. With the Pope at the Vatican now saying that annexation will jeopardize peace in the Middle East we can see the entire region moving into the prophetic scenario that is found in the Bible. These events that God's ancient Jewish prophets foretold now in better focus and ready to be fulfilled, that's where this world is today.