July 30, 2020

Moslems are running for political office in America in order to institute Sharia, the law of Islam

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JD: I've noticed a number of Moslems running for political office from the lower levels in a local or state level and then for the United States Congress as well. What is their goal? Are they endeavoring to assimilate into the US society or as you seem to hint is there a plan to take over the United States with Sharia?

SH: To answer that question we have to go to their own documents which was discovered by the FBI. There's a document called the explanatory memoranda. In the explanatory memoranda they very clearly laid out that their goal was "to sabotage our miserable house from within". That was a direct quote from their mission statement using our hand meaning the hands of the unbelievers and the hands of the believers of the Moslems. In order to do that they laid out a six step plan. One of which was to infiltrate and engage the political environment and get Moslems elected into office who then would implement aspects of Sharia like they have as I've said in Europe where you have many of  these Sharia courts operating as parallel legal systems to British law, French law, German law and so on. I believe they are fulfilling that goal.

Ilhan Omar was at a fundraiser hosted by Care last year at Washington State where she said unapologetically we are focusing on building Moslem power for 2020 and beyond. What they call this Dr. DeYoung is called the Moslem blue wave because ironically all these Moslems that are running for office are running as Democrat. There goal is to get over a thousand Moslems elected. I think we have to be wise to the political power they want to gain. Ultimately they want to implement Sharia. They've already implemented Sharia because my question is can you openly criticize Islam in this country without being labeled as an Islamophobe. If you can't do that which you can't. So when you have that happening that's Sharia. That's the implementation of Sharia. We call it creeping Sharia but it's Sharia.

JD: Shahram Hadian explaining how Moslems in America are running for elective office in order to institute Sharia the law of Islam.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Shahram's report should be alarming to Christians here in America. The word Islam is not used in the Bible. However, the Islamic nations of this world are listed in the Bible as major players in the last days prophetic passages, Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, and Daniel 11.

The goal for the Moslems is to initiate Sharia across the world and it is now in play here in America.