September 03, 2020

The election asteroid will give us a prototype of the events to happen during the Tribulation Period

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JD: The near consistent bombardment of these space rocks buzzing our own planet of Earth is this a dangerous situation?

DD: Well we probably get hit by about 500 of these asteroid type objects a year. Most of them would go into the oceans and never be seen and then some are found on the ground as fragments. Yes, there's an explosion, there's a creator. There's some creators on the Earth often in out of the way desert places. But the news story that there could be a large asteroid that would destroy humanity or break up the Earth that's certainly not God's plan.

JD: Everyone's heard about the election day asteroid. This is supposed to happen on the day before the election for President on November 3rd. Is it probably going to burn up or could it cause some type of a problem and some how hinder the election?

DD: As best as we can determine it will come close to us on election week. The election day asteroid is a small object probably about six feet in diameter and it would certainly burn up if it would come close to the Earth traveling through our atmosphere. It would vaporize and be gone and actually just kind of put on a light show, a streak across the sky.

JD: But indeed there will be those in the future as we're thinking about that found in the book of Revelation wormwood and others that will cause some major problems to the Earth will it not?

DD: We do know that in the end times things really happen in the skies. It talks about the heavens being rolled up, stars following, and wormwood sort of a punishment object falling into the seas. We're not sure what that is but it reminds us that God's in control and can wrap up our present situation when He wants and bring on a new heavens and new Earth. It's not randomness even these asteroids all these objects and activities are in God's hands.

JD: Don DeYoung giving us details about present day asteroids and space objects that will hit the Earth in the future.

We report on this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

My conversation with Don did explain the asteroids approaching the Earth today. Don also referred to space objects that will hit the Earth during the Tribulation period. The book of Revelation reveals these events to come. Study Revelation 6:12-14. Revelation 8:9,10,11 speaks of wormwood which Don spoke of as well. Then remember the heavens will burn up, II Peter 3:10, and the climax will be the new heavens, the new Earth, and the new Jerusalem, that's Revelation 21:1 & 2, that's prophecy yet to be fulfilled.