September 24, 2020

The European Union has failed to acknowledge President Trump's Middle East peace plan and at the same time the EU actions are pushing Turkey and Iran into the arms of China

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JD: The EU actually needs to admit that President Trump has it right on these Middle East peace agreements.

JR: The European Union you know has taken such a strong continual stance against Israel that the Trump peace plan although not blatantly received by all the nations its having a positive effect. We discussed last week Serbia and Kosovo have agreed to move their embassies to Jerusalem. The United Arab Emirates in Bahrain now they have made a peace deal and will resume diplomatic relations with Israel.

JD: In fact speaking of the activities of the European Union we have to think about the European Union disarray which is actually pushing Iran and Turkey into the arms of China.

JR: Europe has had a stance towards Turkey. Turkey since 1987 has been hoping for EU membership. It's always been put off and had all types of requirements. So it should not be surprising. The Turkish leader President Erdogan doesn't really have a choice because he knows they have been shunned from the European Union and they're looking for other alliances. 

You have Iran is actually negotiating right now 25 year bilateral deal with China. They're having difficulties with the European Union. The European Union doesn't want to antagonize the United States so Iran and Turkey are taking their center of gravity and moving it East which is predictable under these circumstances.   

JD: John Rood explaining how the European Union is ignoring the Trump Middle East peace plan and at the same time pushing Turkey and Iran into the China camp.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The European Union, Turkey, Iran and China are all mentioned in the prophetic passages of the Bible. The European Union is the infrastructure for the Revived Roman Empire, Daniel 7:7-8, 23-24. Iran and Turkey mentioned in Ezekiel 38:2-6. And China will be one of the kings of the east as mentioned in Revelation 16:12. All of these players are on the stage today and ready to play their part in the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.