October 08, 2020

Muslims here in America are running for political office for the purpose of setting up a worldwide caliphate

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JD: Shahram I have also noticed not only that there are many Muslim candidates running for office this year but there are many pervious candidates who have been elected or holding office already around the United States. Now I understand Islam has a desire to put together a worldwide caliphate. Do you believe that possibly could be the reason for many Muslims coming into the political arena and consider the possibility of overthrowing America. Is that a viable possibility?  

SH: It is a viable possibility and what's very viable right now is the fact that they're trying to get to the upper house so that house where they can then dominate and overthrow and change the current system of government under Islamic ideology. Islam is not, and this is where people against get it so wrong, Islam is not just a religion it's a political system, a governmental system. Sharia their law must be superior. 

One of the things you see when these Muslims get elected is they begin to in particularly in areas where they have heavy concentration they begin to push for implication of Sharia in those areas. Sharia is antithetical to our US Constitution. Sharia antithetical to our first amendment, our Bill of Rights. This is treason. This is not just political view points. They have hundreds of candidates running at all levels of government and when they get elected and they get sworn in on the Quran. I mean this is outrageous that they're not swearing in on the Bible. They're swearing in on the Quran. Everybody is afraid of Islamophobia well listen folks if we love this republic and our nation then we have to call it out. But when you see the level of corruption they're calling for revolution and they're siding with BLM and Antifa and all these groups we have a problem on our hands. We have to political engage and spiritually engage if we want to save this republic.  

JD: Shahram Hadian giving us the details of the campaign for the Muslims to get involved in the political arena here in America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

A reader of the Quran which is the Muslim holy book will understand the commandment for the Muslims to set up a worldwide caliphate that is a worldwide Islamic kingdom. The Islamic kingdom will contradict the kingdom that God will give His son Jesus Christ and that's Daniel 7:13 & 14. The scenario in the end of days is this battle which Jesus will win, Revelation 19:16 when He becomes the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.