October 14, 2020

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that both male and female "suicide bombers" are being recruited with the reward of "sexual satisfaction"

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JD: Itamar according to your report I understand that there are women who are volunteering to be suicide bombers as well. Is this a normal type of thing?

IM: It was unusual. During that period where we had 310 suicide bombings of which 100 plus or so I think were successful, tragically successful from their prospective of that about 10 of them were females. Interesting thing is they're not just promised paradise. The men are promised that they are going to marry 72 dark eyed virgins in paradise that this is their reward. What we're learning now and what we learned last week is that a women she said she was expected to be rewarded in marrying, that was going to be her reward. 

So its the tragedy here is that these people are in a society which puts certain values on celibacies and because of the repression of sexual impulses and sexual activity then they can offer them a reward in paradise of endless sex essentially with 72 virgins. It sounds outrageous, it sounds unbelievable. You can see men who the next day went out and blew themselves up and murdered Israeli's and what do they say to the tv camera that was filming them? They said, "I'm not afraid to go because I've got my wedding and I'm waiting to be greeted by the 72 virgins". So this is something that in their warped minds is actually real. 

JD: Itamar Marcus with the details of how the Palestinian media is using a reward of sexual satisfaction to recruit both male and female Palestinian suicide bombers. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

It almost sounds vulgar to give this report however, this is Islamic belief and reality in the Islamic world today. The Palestinian suicide bombers are weapons to be used in the war against the Jewish people. Ezekiel 35:35 reveals death to the Jews is a part of a Palestinian strategy to defeat their long time enemies the Jewish people. This battle actually started in the mothers womb of both Jacob and Esau, that's Genesis 25:23. This conflict will continue until Jesus Christ returns, that's Obadiah verses 15-18. The stage is being set for these prophecies to be fulfilled.