October 21, 2020

The financial world is ready to go to a "digital currency"

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JD: Now I also understand that the Central Banks are putting together a frame work for a digital currency, how will that come together?

RM: On April 29th of this year the BBC recorded that the Coronavirus accelerated the decline of cash usage. The lockdown has led to a 60% fallen of a number of withdrawals from cash machines causing experts to say that the future of cash is at risk. The most small businesses have been restricting the use of cash since March. While most Central Banks are telling the public that digital currency is not meant to replace cash. The facts on the ground tell a different story. In fact if we work backwards from what we know from Bible prophecy the opposite is true. 

JD: That is the ultimate goal as we look forward. How could it ultimately go into a total digital money and is that possible in the near future?

RM: On September 26th Cleveland President Loretta Mester announced in a speech on Central Bank digital currencies, now they're called CBDC's for short, that recent Legislation has proposed that each American will one day will have an account instead in which digital dollars could be quickly deposited to be used for emergency relief. Two things immediately are accomplished with that, cash is eliminated and the Central Bank has control of everything.

JD: Boy that does sound very similar to what the antichrist will use as foretold there in Revelation 13:16-17. You're a student and teacher of Bible prophecy, does it not sound very much like that end time scenario to you Ron?

RM: Correct. For an authoritarian government to have complete control over every financial transaction. Central Banks will likely begin consolidating and eventually it will only be one.

JD: Ron Morro explaining how the financial world could switch very quickly to a digital currency and do that in the near future. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ron's report sound very much like the prophetic scenario that is found in the book of Revelation 13. This chapter in God's word is the most detailed information on how the antichrist will set in place an economic system, a worldwide system for each person on Earth to participate in in order to be able to buy and sell, in fact to be able to sustain life, that's Revelation 13:16-17. This one world economic system will be headquartered in Babylon the literal city of Babylon, that's Revelation 18. The stage is set for these prophecies to be fulfilled.