October 01, 2020

The site of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem is a Jewish sacred site not an Islamic sacred site

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JD: Let me ask you about supposedly this third most sacred spot that is to be in Jerusalem there at the Dome of the Rock supposedly the site where Muhammad rode his horse Buraq into the seventh heaven. Is it really truly a Muslim sacred spot the Dome of the Rock?

MH: As we know its been common practice for the Muslims from around the world but particularly in Israel we saw it. The sites that use to be Jewish religious sites were then adopted and the whole nature of the sites have been changed. So the Temple Mount which was Solomon's Temple stood within the second Temple stood for hundreds of years and was destroyed by the Romans. The Muslims came along 600 years later and decided to build a mosque on the site. The Muslims do see it as a religious site and they do tend to have the belief that its the third most religious site in Islam. 

The more important question is, is this just solely a Muslim religious site or does it have relevance and sanctity also for the Jews? The answer to that is 100 percent yes. This is a site which if you read literature from even from the Muslim Supreme Council in 1925 that describes the tourist walk around the Temple Mount and it says the identity of the site of Solomon's Temple is unequivocal. Now this is something which the Palestinians do not accept. They constantly use the term that this is the fake Temple, this is the invented Temple. They try to deny any type of Jewish history on the site, in the site when really they know that the only reason there is a mosque there, the only reason there is sanctity to the site is because it was built on the ruins of Solomon's Temple of the Jewish Temple.

JD: Maurice Hirsch with the details about the Dome of the Rock and its sacredness to the Jews and not the Muslims. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The report by Maurice gave us insight into a sacred piece of real estate on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where the Dome of the Rock is located. That piece of real estate which belonged to Ornan the Jebusite was sold to King David as recorded in I Chronicles 21:18-30. Then King Solomon built a Temple on that site II Chronicles 3. Jesus will build the Messiah's Temple, the Millennial Temple on that same spot in the future, that's Zechariah 6:12.