November 11, 2020

A Biden-Harris Administration will work very closely with the two main enemies of Israel

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JD: One of the members of the Cabinet of the coalition government in Israel he gave a warning just prior to the election that if indeed Joe Biden was to win and re-institute that Iranian nuclear deal it would make sure war is going to happen.

KT: Well Jimmy I think that's absolutely true and I think it's a dire warning from the Settlements Minister Hanabi. He's a very creditable person. He understands Iran and the Iranian threat to Israel very well and he also knows that Joe Biden has announced publicly. I mean this is not a secret that he wants to return to the Iran deal of 2015 that President Trump left. It will basically be the same deal as we saw in 2015 with a lifting of all US sanctions on Iran and that will allow IRGC who has been propagandizing terror around the world to continue sending their assassin teams to Europe, Africa and the far East to murder first of all Iranian dissidents but then also to carry out terrorist operations. I think in the end they will be targeting Israel. The Iranians have never made a secret of their desire to strike the Jewish state.

JD: I thought it was very interesting that the Palestinian officials they confirmed that they had a direct contact with the Biden campaign. 

KT: And again this is not a surprise the Democrat party in the United States has always been pro-Palestinian. Now we saw how out of bounds that analysis was when President Trump made the agreement, the Abraham Accords with the United Arab Emirates Bahrain and now Sudan. So yes, a Biden-Harris administration is of course going to return to those pro-Palestinian policies. So it's no surprise to hear the Palestinian Authority were in touch with the Biden-Harris team well before the election.

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining the connection of the possible Biden-Harris administration to two of the major enemies of the Jewish state of Israel.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken Timmerman using the very words of both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris gave us insight into how a Biden-Harris administration could deal with the two major enemies of the state of Israel, Iran and the Palestinians. These two enemies will be the major force to try to destroy Israel, that's Ezekiel 35 for the Palestinians and Ezekiel 38 for the Iranians. Remember political leaders will help God's prophetic plan to be fulfilled.