November 02, 2020

As Christians consider the upcoming elections we must pray and participate

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JD: So if you're going to be praying you must participate and go out and vote. Is that not the next step after prayer?

SR: It is, it is. I think one of the things missing and America christened them for a long time is that we have not been teaching our people that God has established the authority structures of the individual, and the family and the church and the civil government and how that all fits within God's plan. Because when we know how God has ordered authority as it talks about in Romans 13, 1 & 2 in particular. When we understand that then we begin to understand even more importantly why its so important for God's people to pray for those who are in positions of authority. Why? So that we can lead a quiet a peaceable life. In our nation we have an unusual ability and freedom that did not come accidentally. It came because we had founders and founding pastors who preached God's authority structure and how all of these authorities are accountable to God. And how they all when they work together according to God's design we have freedom. We can preach the Gospel freely. We can worship. All these things work together according to God's plan. 

When the logical next step is well then I as a citizen do I have other duties in addition to praying for those who are in positions of authority? The answer is yes. That becomes a part of our citizens duty and that's what walks us through then yes, praying for those in authority. But then certainly the most basic is what you just talked about is voting and voting biblically. Voting for candidates who look most like what God would have them to do. It's when we do that that God blesses the nation. When we fail in any of those areas Jimmy then we have trouble as a nation. I think we have trouble as a nation now because a lot of Christians did not know that, haven't done it, haven't participated. All these things work together and it all comes back to if we do what the Bible says things work out well and if we don't do what God says in His words then things don't work out well. It's that simple.  

JD: Sam Rohrer explaining that Christians must pray for the upcoming elections and then participate. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam's exhortation from God's word is so appropriate as we approach the national elections here in America. God established human government, Genesis 9:6, to give direction to human kind in our world. I Timothy 2:1-4 says pray for those political leaders who are in higher authority. After prayer we must participate in electing these leaders who will be used of God in the future.