November 16, 2020

Many Middle Eastern leaders believe that a Biden Administration will be a return to the Obama era

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JD: If indeed Joe Biden does become the next President would that be a return to the Obama era?

KT: Vice President has said it would be. He said he would return to the Iran deal. That is probably the most significant thing. He would return to try and force Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians in exchange for who knows what because we know that the Palestinians do not want peace. They've had many opportunities to make peace with Israel and they've rejected every single one of them. But I think the Iran deal is the one that is on everybody's mind right now.

JD: I've been reading and watching and talking with our broadcast partners in the Middle East, they say that there really is a mixed reaction to a Biden victory across the entire Middle East.

KT: Well look if I'm the leader of say Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt or even Saudi Arabia, or Israel for that matter I want to be very cautious. I want to cover all of my bases. If I have had a good relationship with Donald Trump as Netanyahu has had. I don't want to get cross ways with Donald Trump but I also want to extend a hand to Joe Biden just in case he does actually win the election which he hasn't done yet. 

You only become President elect in one or two cases. Either your opponent has conceded of course Donald Trump has not conceded or when the states certify the vote. The states are a long ways from certifying the vote. I can tell you there's recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia. These hand recounts are really the only way that the voters can be certain that the electronic voting systems have not been hijacked. And when you see discrepancies between the vote count that's how you know this is happening.

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details behind the leaders in the Middle East who believe that a Biden Presidency will be a return to an Obama Administration.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Ken's report on a Biden Presidency that would be a remake of the Obama Administration which is giving Middle Eastern leaders a fear of the future could be relieved if all of the politico's will turn to the Bible. Romans 13 does say that God puts every President into their position. Revelation 17:17 says that the Lord also will put into the hearts of these leaders to make political decisions that will fulfill God's will for that future. These Biblical promises should give each of us a peace about the future.