November 09, 2020

The Presidential election has already been decided in the "court of heaven"

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JD: As it was Sam back in 2000 it ended up in the Supreme Court for the decision to be made who would be President of the United States. Do you believe that's going to be a likely scenario for this election time here in America this time?

SR: I think it's going to be very likely because Rudy Giuliani on behalf of the President has filed suit or will be filing suit in Supreme Court on a Federal level. Basically he's trying to stop the counting of these ballots and so forth. I do believe that whether its that vehicle or another vehicle before the Supreme Court. I do expect the Supreme Court to be called in as some final arbiter. I don't know that the Supreme Courts can be counted on to make the right decision but I do expect it to probably end up there. There's probably a very good chance.

JD: Last time we had a conversation Sam you mentioned Romans 13:1 & 2. God is still in charge because whoever becomes the President has already been ordained by God. That is a blessing.

SR: It absolute is and I'm glad that you went there. I think the last program we talked about this that I said ultimately the determination of the future of America is not going to be made by the counting of the votes in the ballot box because at the end of the day we're never going to know what those actual votes were. The real determination will be the votes counted in the court of heaven and that is going to determine I think by God's people where they are. Where they were when they cast their vote. Where they are now even as far as that goes and the relationship to Jesus Christ. Are those who truly say they know the truth going to be more concerned about the relationship with Christ and obedience to the word of God and what God says about them. Are they trusting more in the Lord and His sovereignty to work out to lift up or put down? Or are we still looking to the court to be our final savior? Are we looking to the President to be our final savior? Are we looking to a political party? That's I think is the issue of do we worship God or do we worship idols. And I think that that is the heart of the issue but that's a determination that only God Himself will make. But that's the vote and that's the determination that I'm most concerned about. 

JD: Sam Rohrer explaining how the outcome of the Presidential election has already been decided in the court of heaven.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam Rohrer, President of the American Pastors Network reminded each of us of God's plan for the results of this most recent Presidential election. God ordained who political leaders will be and that has been done in the court of heaven. Now God will put in the heart of the next American President to make political decisions that will set in place God's will and His plan for the future.