December 31, 2020

The number one headline in Iran in 2020 has to be the assassination of the Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp

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JD: I do happen to believe probably in Iran itself the main headline may have been the assassination by the United States of Soleimani who was the head of the Revolutionary Guard, the Quds Force etc. What are your thoughts?

SH: Well that was a major major blow to the hierarchy the Iranian Revolutionary Guard which basically the way I try to explain it to people is that the IRGC would be like a combination of the FBI and the CIA along with special forces. Soleimani headed up the Quds Force. Just for the audience Dr. DeYoung the words al Quds in Arabic and from the Quran is for the name that they have for Jerusalem. That's basically the name of the Jerusalem force. The mission of the IRGC and the mission of Soleimani ultimately going back if you remember to the Beirut bombings of 84 and so far and so on. He has continued to advocate for the destruction of Israel and for the destruction of Jerusalem and ultimately the Jewish people.

So this is a major major blow to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard by President Trump to take out Soleimani. Now there's a new head of the IRGC was saying Salami it was a major operation. By the way can I say I believe that one of the reasons the President acted in particular taking them out in Iraq was because there was some talk that they were planning on taking US hostages again in Iraq potentially from the Embassy. I think you could have seen a repeat of 1979, 444 days. Trump was not going to be Jimmy Carter and I think that was a motivation. There was some evidence that they had, some intel that they had that could have been what he was planning on doing to basically rub it in the face of the United States and Trump wasn't going to play that game like Jimmy Carter did. He was going to be like Reagan and said you better release them or else.

JD: Shahram Hadian explaining why the assassination of General Soleimani was the number one headline in Iran in 2020. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

President Trump's decision to assassinate General Soleimani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Core was a decision that is tangible evidence of how the Lord directs political leaders, Revelation 17:17 to accomplish His will for the end times. Iran will be a major player in God's end time scenario, Ezekiel 38:5. And this satanic leader, General Soleimani had done all God needed for him to do at this time.