January 05, 2021

In 2021 the Peace Process will be on the agenda in the Middle East

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JD: The Abraham Accords which is a very interesting development throughout 2020, four Arab nations normalizing relationships with the Jewish state of Israel. What about these peace talks continuing Arab nations joining in? Will this happen in 2021?

DD: Again a lot will depend on the policies that the Biden Administration adopts. If they feel strongly back to the Palestinians if it were and supporting Fatah and the Palestinian Authority and move away from relations with Saudi Arabia and the more moderate Arab countries which there's indications they plan to do then we may not see any further progress in that way. Although the next few weeks there is a push from the Trump Administration to get Saudi Arabia in particular on board and that may happen Jimmy. If it does we might see Kuwait, we might see some other Gulf countries join. But we're almost at the limit of who might get on board. Algeria, there's a chance to get them in and Tunisia as well in North Africa but they have internal problems that may cause them to resist that. 

There continues to be talk that Pakistan may formally make peace with Israel that of course isn't an Arab country but a Muslim country and one that has an alliance with the United States. So we could see some progress there but again it depends on where the focus will be from the Biden Administration. 

JD: Will there be any peace talks that will open up between the Israelis and the Palestinians?

DD: Well again if its pushed hard enough from Washington it may happen Jimmy. But there's no indication that the policies have changed on the Palestinian side enough so that serious talks can take place.

JD: David Dolan with information about the peace process in the Middle East in 2021.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Trump Middle East Peace Plan of 2020 has brought normalization between Israel and a number of Arab nations. However resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is far from being normalized. In fact the Palestinians believe that the Arab nations who have made peace with Israel have betrayed the Palestinian cause. Many believe that these Arab Accords may have changed the urgency of the Arab-Israeli conflict. I believe the opposite. These peace agreements had to be in place on the table to be able to be broken so that the antichrist would come on the scene to confirm these peace treaties, that's Daniel 9:27.