January 13, 2021

The chaos in America should cause each of us to focus on the Jewish State of Israel

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JD: I don't believe this negates God's plan for what He wants to have happen in the future do you?

SR: No, I think that is a wonderful questions and application. Absolutely it does not negate what God is doing. I think to the contrary. I think the Christian people across the world, the Christian patriots in America who love our country who love our God understand what's going on should do exactly what your program always does. That brings people to the Scripture and says what do we know from the prophetical pages of Scripture that can interpret for us what we are seeing. I think to that extent the fact that there is a chaotic sense that is happening not only here but around the world. The fact that you have a global effort to force people for instance into the Covid vaccination which is a very harmful thing but to try and link it to people's inability to travel or transact business. I mean this is all right off the pages of prophetical Scripture. 

Then everything that you talk about on your program and we do on Stand In The Gap Today when we give the regular Israel update is to say alright get our eyes on Israel. I think it's hard for people sometimes to understand as American citizens we think that everything revolves around our nation. Well certainly God has used this nation, almost like a golden cup in God's hands to actually do great things and communication of the gospel and truth and advance technology all of these things God has used this nation to accomplish. At the end of the day the eyes of God and the biblical pages of Scripture don't end up culminating around us as a nation they culminate around Israel and the Middle East. 

So I think all of these things if they are taken in that context allows all of us who know who God is not to be concerned not to be stressed out but to say God is at work there is a much bigger plan than what we can see. Ultimately we look and say we know where it's going and frankly in the midst of it let's stand up and witness for the gospel, share the truth of God's word. We are in wonderful days to do exactly what God has put us here to do.

JD: Sam Rohrer explaining why we as Christians should focus on Israel and this time of chaos here in America.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Sam's exhortation to focus on what God has His focus on, the Jewish nation of Israel and His plan for the Jewish state is a very biblical and prophetic concept. God's plan for the future is absolute even in a time of chaos.