March 25, 2021

The Biden Administration may be making political decisions that explain why the United Sates is not included in Bible Prophecy for the End Times

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JD: Why do you say that in less than two months in office President Biden is guilty of rank malfeasance when it comes to America's security. 

BM: Well it seems that social engineering is something that Democrat that occupy the White House like to do in the military. The first thing that Biden did when he walked into the door of the White House was to say we need to have more transgenders and we need to take non warrior experienced women and have them run our combats and commands. It's all about this leftist agenda and nothing about defending this country. Of course we've seen what's happened in the Southwest border which endangers all Americans.

JD: Is it not true that the main purpose of a national government is to secure our nation from an external attack?

BM: Well certainly, a simple reading of the Constitution of the United States would bring you to the conclusion that the primary purpose of this country is to defend us against foreign and domestic enemies. Domestic I would argue is people coming in across an open border. Foreign would be the Chinese, Russians, or whomever would want to attack us. And yeah this government has completely gotten out of reigns and is going in a very bizarre what I would argue as a marksus direction. Given what we've seen in the former Soviet Union and what we see today in Communist China that's the direction they want to take this country. Believe it or not the Democratic party are in the back pocket of the Communist Chinese have a lot of history that people need to appreciate. This is truly a threat and this could easily explain why the United States is not in Biblical end times prophecy.

JD: Colonel Bob Maginnis explaining how the Biden Administration's political decisions may be the reason why the United States is not in Bible prophecy for the end times.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Bob's report is significant both politically and prophetically. Bob is correct America is not mentioned in the prophetic scenario of the Bible. Revelation 17:17 reveals that God will put into the hearts and minds of political leaders to make political decisions that will fulfill God's plan for the future.