April 08, 2021

God, in His plan for Nations, gave them borders when He brought them into existence

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JD: Borders in the United States especially here at the southern border between the United States and Mexico, should it be a great concern to all of us?

SR: Jimmy absolutely and really for a couple of reasons. From a civil government prospective the definition of nation is this, its a group of people that have a common language and a common boundary. So if you take out any one of those you cease to have a nation. How can you have laws that pertain to a civil authority if you don't have the boundaries of what that civil authority is? The United States can't make laws for Mexico and Mexico can't make laws for the United States but if you erase the boundaries you create confusion. And I believe Jimmy and the end of the day that's why God created that. Now I think in Acts 17:26 when Paul was talking to the folks there on Mars Hill he made a comment he said, God has made a one blood all nations of men to dwell on the face of the Earth, and I think this is key, determined the times before appointed and the boundaries of their habitations. 

You know boundaries are God's idea so on the spiritual side not only civil perspective are boundaries necessary to determine limitations, jurisdictions of civil authority which God created but from God's prospective. God established boundaries. God works through nations and in the fore knowledge of God He laid out as Paul said there the actual boundaries of the nations through whom God said He would work. So when any time anyone says I don't care about boundaries I'm going to eliminate or I'm not going to protect its really an efferent to the God of Heaven in addition to a violation of the civil laws of whatever country they represent.

JD: Sam Rohrer explaining how the Lord set up borders for the nations that He brought into existence. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

A former political leader Sam Rohrer in his use of the Bible in our decision today on borders and especially the southern border of the United States introduced to us how borders or boundaries are God's plan for our nations today, again that's Acts 17:26. And in fact borders play a key role in the plan that God has for Israel. Ultimately the Jewish State will have borders ten times what they are today.