May 07, 2021

God has a wonderful plan for the Jewish people in the future

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JD: There's a view called Dual Covenant Theology. Can you explain what that is?

DJ: Well Jimmy Dual Covenant Theology says that Gentiles are saved through the New Covenant that Jews can be saved through the Mosaic Covenant so they don't need to be evangelized with the gospel of Jesus Christ which is wrong. Jeremiah 31 makes it very clear that the New Covenant is to and for Israel not the church and it will find fulfillment in the millennial kingdom. 

Finally in Romans 9 Paul notes all the advantages that Jews had throughout history and I think part of his point was that if anybody could have been saved apart from hearing and understanding and believing the gospel of Christ it would have been the Jews of the first century. But in the next chapter Paul says whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved and also that there's no differences between Jews and Greeks in this regard so all must hear the gospel. 

JD: That being said David we know that the Jews still have an important place in God's program. So biblically how do they get from where they are today to the place of blessing in the future?

DJ: God has set them aside until Daniel's 70th week begins in the future and God starts dealing with them again. During that time God's going to pour out His judgement on both them and the Gentile nations for their rebellion against Him. At the same time because of that many Jews will turn to Him including the 144,000 who come to faith who are skilled and who proclaim the gospel. There will be those who still refuse to believe, Matthew 24, where Christ talks about those taken to judgement when He returns. Those who remain will go into the millennial kingdom. For the first time in history every living Jew on the planet will be a believer and that will fill Paul's words, Romans 11:26 where he says and so all Israel will be saved. This will allow that generation to experience a fulfillment of the Abrahamic, the Land, the Davidic, and the New Covenant they will become a kingdom of priest and a holy nation as the Lord says in Exodus 19:6. 

JD: David James using the Bible to explain God's plan for the Jewish people in the future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

According to God's plan for the Jewish people in the future found in the Bible it is an eternal plan and included the Abrahamic Covenant that the Jews will be a nation forever, Genesis 15. The Land Covenant, Deuteronomy 30, they'll have a piece of real estate ten times what they have today. The Davidic Covenant which states that Jerusalem will belong to the Jews forever, II Samuel 7. And the New Covenant, Jeremiah 31:31 which says that the Lord will be their God forever and the Jews His people forever.