May 03, 2021

John Kerry may not be the only person to leak US Security information to Iran

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JD: John Kerry supposedly leaking information to the Foreign Minister. I understand that you say there's more than a leak from John Kerry that there's some others involved in leaking US security information. 

KT: You know Jimmy this is a disgraceful story and of course John Kerry has denied there was any leak that he made any leaks. But he has about as much creditability in saying that as Al Capone does in saying he never heard of the mob. John Kerry has really taking the caviler attitude toward US National security and US National interest. He has always thought to denigrate the United States, to slander the United States; he did that while he was Secretary of State. Once he was out of power and the Trump Administration was in control of our foreign policy Kerry met repeatedly with the Iranian Foreign Minister to urge him not to make any concessions to Trump because as soon as Trump was out of office because it would be back to the Iran deal. Now this latest story said in addition to that he also revealed National Security secrets to the Iranians and specifically about Israel's operations against Iranian outpost in Syria. 

We now know that three US Senators including Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Jeff Merkley, and Chris Coons of Delaware all three of them Democrats met with Javad Zarif the Iranian Foreign Minister and other Iranians at the Munich Security Conference in 2020. They tried to keep that secret when it finally leaked out. They said oh yeah we had a meeting but it did not violate the Logan Act because we're US Senators and we can do whatever we please. If Kerry's leaks are investigated by the US Congress they will discover that other members of team Biden, people who were advising him on National Security affairs were also in contact with the Iranians. I think if an investigation is done of John Kerry we may learn more about his involvement or the involvement of other US National Security Advisors to then candidate Joe Biden. 

JD: Ken Timmerman explaining why there may be leakers of US Security information to Iran other than John Kerry. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

2,000 years ago Jesus Christ said that wars and rumors of wars would be a major sign of His return to Earth, that's Matthew 24:6 & 7. As nations jokey for position in our world today to become superpowers intelligence gathering will be a major component of who does lead this world in the future.