May 21, 2021

Moslem extremist and some so-called Christians say that Israel does not have a right to exist as a Jewish State

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JD: Moslem extremist are not the only ones who don't think Israel has a right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people. In fact there's a Bible college that's located in Bethlehem that is on the for front of anti-Israel crusades by Christians or so called Christians. Talk to us about that particular school. 

DJ: The name of that school is Bethlehem Bible College and it started in 1979 and builds itself as a Christian evangelical college. But you have to wonder about its evangelical commitments because its first bored of directors was formed with leaders from different backgrounds including Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, and self identified evangelicals. 

On their website they have a three point mission statement which says they're to train people to serve Christ in the world to advocate a Palestinian evangelical perspective and to model Christ through community development. Its courses are credited through Middle East Association for Theological Education, the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, and several international theological organizations. 

There was a 2014 Jerusalem post article that had this to say though, "There is another side to BBC not evident on their website. The school has a deeply intrenched anti-Israel position demonstrated through statements and publication of leaders associated with the school and the biannual Christ at the check point conference it sponsors." The article went on to say most recently its media center produced a video that employees numerous errors and false accusations and attempts to demonize Israel. And the Christ at the check point website says this Jimmy, there mission is to challenge evangelicals to take responsibility to help resolve the conflicts the conflicts in Israel and Palestine by engaging with the teaching of Jesus on the kingdom of God. But Jimmy this is misleading because that would involve Israel giving up both their sovereignty and their security. 

JD: David James with the information that some so called Christians join Moslem extremist to say there should not be a Jewish state. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report should be a wake up call to all Christians to go to the Bible to answer the question should there be a Jewish state in the Middle East. Genesis 15, the Abrahamic Covenant says that there will be a Jewish nation forever. Deuteronomy 30 says they will have a piece of real estate forever in the Middle East as well. God's word is absolute on this matter.