June 25, 2021

How should a born-again, Bible believing Christian deal with the issue of critical race theory

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JD: David can you give us a definition and help us to understand some of what it really means?

DJ: Well an article onthehill.com put it this simple way, critical race theory is an academic theory created to explain the relationship between race, racism, and power and its byproduct social inequality. So Jimmy to go a little deeper critical race theory or CRT is a movement of civil rights scholars and activist in the United States that actually originated in the 70s in writings and then as a movement in the 80s, but its only recently gained a lot of traction and media and politics in society as a whole. So the idea is that it seeks to critically examine United States law as it connects with social and cultural issues related to race and racism in an attempt to achieve what its propenentecy is racial justice in this country. 

JD: So then David from a Christian prospective what would you say are some of the biggest reasons to be concerned about critical race theory in general?

DJ: Well I found an op-ed on the Arkansasonline.com website that was written by two Christians who had some very smart and insightful things to say. Let me just share a few quotes from the article. It says, "Critical race theory has critical errors by simplistically reducing evil to power dynamics and external social realities, CRT denies moral agency and the redemptive potential of entire groups of people because of racial identity". Then it said like the post modernism that birth it critical race theory can be considered a worldview. And finally it says if we don't want unbiblical explanations of life and justice sweeping through the church or culture we better make sure we communicate and embrace the full ramifications of Christian truth or society. 

So Jimmy to put it simply critical race theory seeks to re-interpret and re-write history and to reframe social cultural issues by distorting biblical truth and even denying absolute truth in order to advance a false narrative and a subversive agenda that I think is destroying this country and undermining the Christian principles that are its foundations. 

JD: David James Bible in hand explaining how Christians must deal with the critical race theory.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

All of life's decisions must be based upon God's word and the principles of the Bible. According to Genesis chapters 5 & 10 there is only one race, the human race beginning with Adam and Eve and or Noah and his wife, that's God's word on the issue of race.