June 07, 2021

The Israeli body politic may have a government in place, a government that is based on hate for the former Prime Minister

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JD: That coalition basically was based on hate of one man, Netanyahu. Can you form a coalition government and will it last if its basically based on hate?

WM: Jimmy you might not remember but I do, maybe a half a dozen years ago you asked me a similar question in another political crisis. I pointed out that sometimes the glue that holds a coalition together no matter how different they are one from another is the fear of going to elections or losing their jobs and that keeps them together. 

So as a political commentator I have to be fair and say that one option is that despite irrational extreme differences of opinion between the various members of the coalition and the fact that so many of them have less than 10 feet each which makes it a very splintered type of a government. The possibility exists that they can get along. I don't think so because of the pressure they are under both internally in terms of Israel politics and externally in terms of the non peace with Iran and the terror fight with Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. I think these pressures are too much because they're very very bipolar. You have Mr. Naftali Bennett and Elor Azaria who are extremely pro Jewish residency in Judea and Samaria. You have the labor party and the merits party that are extremely against Jewish residency in Judea and Samaria. You now have a coalition partner for the first time officially of an Arab party that is very extreme in its Islamic orientation although its main claim is to better economically the Arabs and the Arab citizens in the state of Israel.

JD: Winkie Medad explaining how a government that was formed based on hatred of the former Prime Minister may be able to lead the Jewish state into the future.

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

It seems like the possible coalition government in Israel has only one thing in common and that is their hatred for the former Prime Minister Netanyahu. But I quickly remind you that God ordains who will lead any and every government, that's Romans 13:1. The Lord will use any and all political leaders to fulfill His will, Revelation 17:17.