July 16, 2021

Any and all claims of people who have said they have gone to Heaven and then returned back to the Earth must be examined from not only a Biblical perspective but a medical perspective as well

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JD: Do you deal with this just on a Biblical side or do you also get into the medical side as well?

DJ: Really I deal with both sides because I think they're connected. The first thing there's a difference between clinically dead and being dead in the Biblical since meaning your spirit has left your body. It would seem that the actual decay of the body doesn't start until the spirit leaves. Once you stop breathing your blood starts becoming acidic due to the build up of carbonic acid and before long that acid starts to punch through cell walls destroying tissue. Then also within 5 minutes of the blood flow stopping to the brain neurons and several brain regions start dying.

So its not just a matter of someone's spirit returning to their body after 10 minutes. God would have to miraculously repair all of the physical damage especially in the brain. From a Biblical prospective there are no spontaneous resuscitation of people coming back from the dead recorded in the Bible. Everyone was raised back to life through a prophet, or an apostle, or Jesus. Another problem is these don't just come from born again Christians. If everyone is going to Heaven then everyone who think Jesus is the only way of salvation is wrong in the Bible isn't true. Of the 25 or so accounts I have read no two people even Christians describe what they saw in the same way and they're often contradictory. This tells me that they can't all be going to the same place but on the other hand science said these perceived experiences can be explained by the bio chemical process that happen in the brain as it begins to shut down near death.

JD: David James explaining how we should examine any and all claims of those who say they have gone to Heaven and then returned to Earth. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

The Bible does record three events of people on Earth that have gone to Heaven. II Corinthians 12:2-4 is the record of Paul the Apostle going to Heaven and returning to the Earth. Genesis 5:21-24 reports that Enoch went to Heaven. II Kings 2:11 is a record of Elijah going to Heaven as well. Two of these men will return to Earth as the two witness of Revelation 11:2-14. Elijah and Enoch will be those two witnesses on the Earth during the first half of the Tribulation period.