July 05, 2021

Both Red China and America have an anniversary based upon an ideological choice

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JD: 245 years old, America. I want to tell you this, it's not my grandmother's America but Ken it is still America and we still have something to rejoice over. 

KT: Jimmy and God bless this country and God bless the freedoms that we are still able to enjoy. America is about character. We're not a nation state. We are a nation of an idea, of an idea about freedom. So being American and our birthday, the Fourth of July is about our ability still to demand truth from those who govern us, accountability from those who govern us. 

JD: Well there's another birthday that's taking place right now, the 100 birthday of the Chinese Communist party. The President of Red China making the statement that China is not going to be oppressed. That's somewhat of a warning to the rest of the world isn't it Ken?

KT: It very definitely is. The Chinese are making a very big deal of this 100th anniversary not of the beginning of Red China in 1949 but the creation of the Chinese Communist party in 1921. They see that as the foundation of their current regime. The Chinese Communist party has attempted to completely revolutionize the country. When they wish to they abolish the family. They prohibited people from having children. They have remodeled the country and they want to remind people today that they are continuing to do that and that the Chinese Communist party is what they as Chinese allegiance do, not even their Chinese nationality. They owe allegiance to the party. It's a very dangerous world their. It's a totalitarian state. It's something that we really need to come to grips with. China is not just another country. 

JD: Ken Timmerman with the details on two different ideologies that actually contradict each other. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Red China's celebration of the 100th anniversary of communism in China is an anti-God philosophy. America's 245th birthday is also based on an idea, the idea of freedom. In the prophetic scenario of God's word China is mentioned as a king of the east, that's Revelation 16:12. China is a key nation state at the time of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Since America is not mentioned in Bible prophecy China may well be the nation to eliminate the United States.