July 01, 2021

God has a plan for the relationship between Christians and their elected officials

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JD: Praise the Lord Sam for that great opportunity that the Lord opened up for you to share and bring these guys together. Let me ask you this question. What do you suggest to Christians that may know these men or women and maybe even go to church with them? How should we deal with that type of a situation?

SR: Well I think in the case of every person, ever citizen who has someone who represents them, the Bible tells us number one you need to pray for them. Because they watch for our souls and that's the spiritual relationship whether that's a person that church leadership or the person in office they have a duty before God. That's one of the areas from which they will give an account to God at some time. How well did they actually watch for their souls as in protecting and helping them as individuals to achieve God's plan for their lives as God has created us. Well that is one, we can pray for them. But if we're going to pray for somebody its a whole lot easier to pray for somebody that's you've actually met. 

So I encourage people to set up a meeting and go in and meet your representative, your Senator, your school board members. Know who they are. Let them know you're praying for them. None of them are going to throw you out of their office when you tell them you came because you want to pray for them. They will all, that I have ever met will say thank you, thank you I need your prayer. Get to know them personally pray for them. 

I would encourage the person in the pew to encourage their Pastors to actually bring in those who are in office and have a God and country day. Have them come in and have the elected officials come to that office and let them meet the people. Let them hear and sit under the gospel preaching and have the leadership of the church and the deacons get up and have these people come forward and lay hands on them and pray for them that they would know the God of heaven and they would do the will of the God of heaven. Powerful impact if those simple things were done.

JD: Sam Rohrer a former State Senator from Pennsylvania and today President of the American Pastors Network and host of Stand in the Gap Radio and Television giving us some Biblical ideas on how to develop a relationship with our elected officials.  

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

I Timothy 2:1-4 demands that we pray for those in higher authority. Our prayers will then allow us to live a quiet peaceable Godly life and open the way for us to lead people to Jesus Christ. This scenario is acceptable in the sight of God and it is His plan for the last days.