July 20, 2021

The protest in Cuba of the Communist leadership may open the door for Biblical ministry to be expanded

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JD: I thought it might be good for us to discuss the situation there in Cuba, and especially in light of the fact that actually you had an opportunity to go there fairly recently.

DJ: Well that's right Jimmy and this is the first time I've talked about that trip publicly. Back at the time I had mentioned in one of our weekly conversations on this program that I was going to a limited access country but for security reasons and privacy concerns I couldn't say much about it at the time. 

A couple who has partnered with our ministry got connected with a Cuban pastor through Facebook. After interacting with him we felt comfortable enough to make arrangements to spend a couple of days with him. We were able to communicate well enough to get to know each other and to make some tentative plans for future ministry. One thing I was amazed about was how much theological agreement there was between us. We're on the same page.

JD: What can you tell our listeners about the present religious situation there in Cuba? Is there freedom of religion? How are born again believers affected by these government policies?

DJ: Well when the Spanish arrived in Cuba they forced conversions and that continues to influence Cuban cultures. So while 60 -70 percent of the population is Catholic only 4 - 5 percent regularly attend mass. Protestant Churches make up only about five percent of the population. During most of Castro's rule Cuba was self declared atheist state and Christians were persecuted and marginalized. Even though Castro himself was educated by the Jesuits he dismantled the Catholic school system in 1961 and nationalized the Catholic Churches property. But in the early 90's Castro did lift some restrictions on religion. 

Religious organizations have to deal with government interference all the time. This is what the pastor told me that sometimes he even has to with infiltration by government informants. So there are tremendous challenges but maybe there is change on the horizon for the Cuban people with what we're seeing right now and maybe that will make it easier to get into the country and to reach them with the gospel and get more freedom to the pastors and believers there.

JD: David James with a report on the status of the Christian community in Cuba, a Communist Marxist dictatorship. 

We report this information because it is setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Dave's report is based upon his recent trip to Cuba and his meetings with the Christian leadership in Communist Cuba. I Timothy 2:1-4 exhorts us to pray for those in higher authority both in America and Cuba. We do that so that we can win people to Jesus Christ and prepare them for the end times.