February 22, 2006

A French Jewish man was kidnapped and tortured to death because of "New Anti-semitism"

According to French authorities in Paris, a French young man was singled out because of his religious identity and was kidnapped and then tortured to death, all because as one of the main suspects admitted to interrogators, "We knew that the young man was Jewish and we know that Jews are rich."

French authorities claim that this recent attack was what they term "old Anti-semitism", not the "new Anti-semitism" which actually targets Jews for attacks, because the French-Muslim community sees all Jews as representatives of the Jewish state of Israel and responsible for all of Israel's actions. The wave of attacks on French Jews since the outbreak of the second Intifada 5 1/2 years ago, has been strongly linked to the Palestinian terror onslaught against Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The truth of the matter is whether it's new Anti-semitism or old Anti-semitism in France, Jews are being killed and this is only the beginning of an intense Anti-semitism in the future, that is according to Bible prophecy. Anti-semitism has been on the rise in Europe and especially in recent years in France where the population of the Muslim community has also been increasing.

In the eyes of young Muslims in France, especially in the outskirts of Paris, Jews are seen as representatives of the Jewish state of Israel and thus responsible for Israel's actions against the Palestinians. Both old Anti-semitism, attacks on Jews because they have money, or new Anti-semitism, attacking a Jew because of the actions of the actions of the Jewish state of Israel, Anti-semitism today, is a precursor to the intense Anti-semitism of the future according to Bible prophecy.

The apostle John, who wrote the book of Revelation, said that there would come a day of massive Anti-semitism, especially right after the Devil and his evil angels are thrown out of Heaven, that's found in Revelation 12:13,17. Revelation 12:12 says even those in Heaven mourn for those on earth, Jews who will face fierce Anti-semitism.

The rise of Anti-semitism, both old and new, is evidence that the stage is being set for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.