February 21, 2006

US Control of Net Traffic Worries World

The decision by the United States to indefinitely retain oversight of
the main computers that control all Internet traffic has caused
growing concern from foreign officials. These officials say that the
growing use of the Internet brings about the debate of whether or not
it is of benefit to everyone for one country to maintain the checks on
the Internet.

The US's declaration to continue the control of the Internet is in
response to rising security threats and increased reliance on the
Internet globally for communication and commerce.

Internet users around the world interact with big US computers that
act as the master directories. These supercomputers direct email
traffic and web browsers from the users computers to the servers where
the websites or other data is stored. With a single attack against
these supercomputers, someone could make some or all of these sites

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A central control center for Internet traffic which is now located in
the US, will one day play a key role in a scenario that can be found
in Bible prophecy.

World leaders are voicing concern about the control of all Internet
traffic resting in the hands of one country. In the face of these
concerns the US has released an official document stating that they
will indefinitely retain oversight of the computers controlling
Internet traffic.

The truth of the matter is that one day, in the not too distant
future, the Internet traffic control center will be out of the hands
of the US, and in the hands of the one-world, economic, governmental,
and political leader - the Antichrist.

The apostle John, in his prophecy - the book of Revelation, wrote that
there will be a day when all communications and commerce will be under
the control of the Antichrist, or his associate, the False Prophet.
That is found in Revelation 13:16-17. Both of these men are members of
the satanic trinity.

This one-world leader will be headquartered in the literal city of
Babylon. This is spoken of in Revelation 18, which also reveals that
the Antichrist will control international communications and commerce.

Concerns voiced by world leaders today that the United has these
controls will not be revived when they learn that the control will
actually shift into the hands of the Antichrist. Bible prophecy will
be fulfilled.