March 07, 2006

Health Organization: Bird Flu has the source of a human flu pandemic is unprecedented in scope

Dr. Margaret Chan, the person spearheading the World Health Organization's efforts to prevent the bird flu from infecting human beings, says that the outbreak in poultry is historically unprecedented and bird flu poses a greater threat to the world than any previous emerging infectious disease.

So far, the virus has remained primarily a bird disease, "but when humans do catch it", Dr. Chan said, "it is a very serious disease affecting multiple organs in the body".

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A human flu pandemic that is unprecedented in its scope today is a foretaste of things to come, that is according to Bible prophecy. WHO, the World Health Organization, has for several years now been warning world leaders that the potential for a world-wide infectious disease pandemic to take place was at hand, and now they have intensified their warning and are calling for world leaders, especially Western world leaders, to get serious about this unprecedented flu pandemic.

Dr. Margaret Chan, the front person for WHO in this fight to stop the spread of this infectious disease in animals, has now issued a warning that the virus from bird flu, until now only spreading between animals, will soon be able to spread to humans and infect them in a very serious manner. The warning that bird flu is the most serious infectious disease of any previous emerging infectious disease in the world is a clear sign that the feared human flu pandemic could be unprecedented in scope in our world today taking literally millions of lives.

Jesus Christ, when asked for signs of His Second Coming, His return to the earth, mentioned pestilence; that's recorded in Matthew 24:7. He said pestilence was a sign. Pestilence is one of those old English words which literally means death from a pandemic spread of disease.

As Dr. Chan of WHO, World Health Organization, has warned, bird flu has the potential to be the fulfillment of the prophetic warning from Jesus Christ.