March 13, 2006

Jewish people worldwide celebrate the Jewish holy day of Purim

Israel's security forces are on high alert as Jews in Israel and around the world commemorate the rescue from the total annihilation of all Jewish people some 2,500 years ago during the time of the Medo-Persian Empire as recorded in the Bible book of Esther. It was a time when God's chosen people, the Jews, were the focus of a decree, the Law of the Medes and the Persians, that all Jews everywhere were to be killed.

The queen of that world empire in that day was a Jewish queen, Queen Esther, who had a major role in the salvation from death of the Jewish people. The present-day celebration of the Jewish holiday Purim is marked by everyone, especially the children, dressing in the costumes of Queen Esther, King Ahasuerus and the villain, the wicked Haaman. And as Jews in synagogues around the world read through the book of Ester they make a loud demonstration everytime Haaman's name is mentioned.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The modern-day celebration of the Jewish holiday, Purim, is a reminder that the Jewish people will enter into a great time of Jacob's Trouble before the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, comes to save the Jewish people from complete annihilation, that is according to Bible prophecy.

On a yearly basis, Jews around the world will dress up in costumes, eat the Jewish pastry known as Haaman's ear, and celebrate the rescue from total annihilation under the Medo-Persian Empire some 2,500 years ago. In that day, the number two leader of the Medo-Persian Empire was drastically offended when Queen Esther's cousin, Mordecai, failed to bow for Haaman when he entered the city. Under the order of the Persian King Ahasuerus all Jews on earth were condemned to die and had it not been that Queen Esther had come into the kingdom at that time, God's program for the Jewish people would have failed as well. God's plan was for the Jews to return to their ancient homeland, rebuild the Jewish nation, and direct a Temple in Jerusalem for the Messiah so that He could dwell among His people forever.

This year at Purim, the descendants of the ancient Persian Empire, the nation of Iran, has threatened to destroy the Jewish people; that is found in a prophetic scenario in Ezekiel 38:5. The threat of a total annihilation of the Jews, like a time never seen before will set the stage for another rescue before complete annihilation. It will be by a heavenly visitor who will at first stand with them, the Archangel Michael, he will protect the Jews until the Messiah, Jesus Christ, returns to save the Jews and establish His Kingdom with the Jewish people.

Celebration of the Jewish holiday Purim is a reminder that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.