March 10, 2006

Pope Benedict has called for unity and universality of the Church

Pope Benedict has stepped up his appeals to the Orthodox Church after a 1,000 year rift with the Church and is now calling for a unified church in the world saying that this unity is a fundamental priority of his papacy. The Pope stressed the unity and universality of the Church as he acknowledged key differences over the clout of the Pope, but he said in this time of the world full of skepticism and doubts unity was needed to help the world believe.

Since the installation of Pope Benedict, he has reached out to the Jewish community, invited Muslim leaders to the Vatican, and now he is calling for unity and universality among the churches of the world, and agenda Pope Benedict believes is his calling in our world today.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A call by Pope Benedict for a world-wide unified church has an interesting similarity to the scenario found in Bible prophecy for the last days. The late Pope John Paul was a great believer in unifying the Church and the religions of this world during his time as the head of the Catholic Church. The new Pope Benedict says this universal unity is the main priority of his papacy and that he will do what is necessary to see this unity come about.

This report has a very definite similarity to the prophetic scenario that can be found in God's Word for the religious world in the last days. Revelation 17 that was written by the apostle John some 2,000 years ago describes the coming together of the religions of the world to form a one-world church. This church will be headquartered in the 7 hilled city of Rome, Revelation 17:9, and will be lead by a strong charismatic leader known as the Anti-Christ.

This world-wide church modeled after the mother-son cult started at Babylon some 4,500 years ago will be in place the first half of 7 year Tribulation Period. A call by Pope Benedict for a universal unified church has a similar scenario to the one described in Bible prophecy, Bible prophecy that will be fulfilled.