March 15, 2006

Norway is preparing a doomsday seed bank

The Norwegian government is planning to hollow out a cave on the ice bound island of Spitzbergen to hold a seed bank designed to withstand global catastrophies like nuclear war or natural disasters that would destroy the earth's source of food.

There are presently 1400 seed banks around the world, but a large number of these are located in countries that are either politically unstable or that face threats from the natural environment. The Norwegian seed bank vault will preserve the seeds below freezing behind high security blast proof doors with the number of seeds and types of seeds in the bank determined by the country using the seed bank.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

A seed bank dsigned to protect the earth's source of food from global catastrophe or natural disaster is a precursor to a scenario for the last days that can be found in Bible prophecy. With 1400 seed banks around the world, it is clear that world leaders are concerned about the destruction of humankind's source of food.

The Norwegian plan to build a doomsday vault inside a mountain on an arctic island is an indication that these world leaders are not satisfied with the present seed preservation program. The plan to build this vault to hold all known varieties of the world's crops designed to withstand global catastrophies like nuclear war and all natural disasters is evidence of a terrible time to come.

The truth is, Bible prophecy does speak of a day when the waters of the ocean and the rivers of the lands will be totally polluted by blood, Revelation 16:3-4. John the Revelator also records the prophecy of a judgment that will see one-third of the trees on earth destroyed and all the grass burned up, Revelation 8:7. Bible prophecy also speaks of famine, people starving because of no food, Matt 24:7, Revelation 6:5-6.

Norway's doomsday seed bank is man's effort to respond to God's judgment and in the end, God's judgment will prevail. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.