June 08, 2006

Al Qaeda terrorist leader al Zarqawi is dead and Iraq names its final two cabinet posts

Jordanian born terrorist leader al Zarqawi was killed in a military strike on a meeting of Zarqawi's top leadership, bringing to conclusion the manhunt for Iraq's number one insurgency leader.

Even as the Iraqi PM Maliki was announcing the approval by the Iraqi parliament of the defense and interior ministers for Iraq's new government. The death of Zarqawi is a benchmark in the worldwide war on terrorism. Iraqi PM Maliki's strong stand against the insurgency in his country has received the boost needed to move ahead in the rebuilding of his war torn nation, according to leaders in the Iraqi government.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The death of the leader of the insurgency in Iraq, Jordanian born terrorist al Zarqawi, is a step closer to the fulfillment of a scenario for the Last Days in this region of the world, according to Bible prophecy. Al Zarqawi, the leader of the insurgency in Iraq and a terrorist leader whose deadly impact had spread into his home country as well as into Europe, met death in a similar fashion as had many of his victims, by violence.

Iraqi PM Maliki has already moved to fill the vacuum with placing strong leadership in the security post of his new government with the cabinet posts of Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior. Maliki now has the window of opportunity needed to take great strides in the rebuilding of his war torn nation, a precursor to the Bible prophecy scenario for the nation of Iraq.

Ancient Jewish prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, and the Apostle John, who wrote the book of Revelation, called for a Last Days scenario that has modern day Iraq, biblical Babylon as we know it, as the center of a one world, governmental, economic, political capital where the one world leader, the Antichrist, will lead from. These passages of prophecy include: Isaiah 13-14, Jeremiah 50-51, and Revelation 16 and 18. John the Revelator foretold the total destruction of the one world headquarters located in Babylon, modern-day Iraq, in Revelation 16:17-20. This destruction to take place just before Jesus Christ comes back to earth.

Al Zarqawi's death and the Iraqi government fully in place does indeed set the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.