July 28, 2006

Iraqi PM Maliki says his country is on the front line in the war against terrorism

In a recent speech made at a joint session of the US Congress, the Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki vowed to remain resolute in the face of violent sectarianism that is ripping apart his country as he called Iraq the front line in the war against terror.

Maliki said that his nation has faced tyranny and oppression under the former regime of Saddam Hussein and now they face a different kind of terror. He reminded the Congress that the Iraqis did not bow then, and they will not bow now.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Iraqi PM Maliki's statement about the present struggle in Iraq and its impact on history is correct, that is according to Bible prophecy. The Iraqi government's continuing struggle with the insurgency in this war torn country is the focus of many world leaders who want a true stability to come to this nation that is at the point of a civil war, if not already involved in one.

There are many saying that Iraq is now in a civil war that must be brought under control before the country is completely devastated. The same people are also saying that the only way to bring stability to this war torn country is for a powerful leader, a benevolent dictator, to come to power and bring control out of chaos. The Iraqi government has even said they do not want another Saddam, but indeed a strong man leader is most likely the only way to go for stability.

Revelation 18 reveals that Iraq, which is biblical Babylon, will be the center of the world's political, economic, governmental system in the Last Days, in fact in the days leading up to the return of Jesus Christ. Revelation 13 and 17:16-17 indicate that the Antichrist, a worldwide dictator, will come to power in Babylon, modern day Iraq, and rule the world from that location which will indeed be a stability, howbeit controlled by evil forces.

As PM Maliki told the US Congress, Iraq is on the front line, the front line for End Time prophecy that will be fulfilled.