July 07, 2006

A top Israeli general says that Ariel Sharon's disengagement of the Gaza Strip was a disaster

Lt.-General Moshe Yaalon, the former Israeli Defense Force (IDF) Chief of Staff, the number one Israeli soldier, says that the entire disengagement of the Gaza Strip implemented by the then Prime Minister (PM) Ariel Sharon was a total disaster.

Yaalon says that the process created an illusionary hope and is imploding before the eyes of the Israeli people. The Israeli general said that Israel is conveying weakness and he who conveys weakness in the Middle East is like a weak animal in nature, he comes under attack.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

As General Yaalon , the former IDF Chief of Staff said, the Sharon disengagement of the Gaza Strip was a disaster security wise and practically, but also it was a disaster prophetically. The Sharon disengagement of the Gaza Strip that displaced some 10,000 Jewish settlers and dismantled 25 Jewish settlements was indeed a disaster, as the former IDF Chief of Staff, General Moshe Yaalon is saying today.

This most recent conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis in the Gaza Strip has seen the reoccupation of several of the former settlement communities where Hamas, the Islamic terror organization, has been using the area as the launch base for the Kassam rockets being fired into Israel proper. According to Bible prophecy, God said that in the Last Days He would return to the Jewish people the land that He had promised their patriarch, Abraham, that's in Deuteronomy 30, also in Ezekiel 34 and 37.

Ezekiel 35 reveals that a people, the Edomites, actually the Palestinian people of today, would take the land from the Jews and kill many of them in the process, that's found in Ezekiel 35:5, 10-13. These two themes will run parallel as we quickly approach the Return of Jesus Christ back to the earth.

God will give the land and the Palestinians, the descendants of Esau, will take the land. Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.