February 23, 2007

In a recent Gallup poll Americans named Israel as a vital friend important to US interest

A recent Gallup poll surveying US opinion on geopolitics says that Israel is the only foreign nation that a majority of Americans feel favorably toward, and also says that what happens there is vitally important to the US.

The countries that Americans refer to as the world's hot spots, nations that a majority of Americans view unfavorably and say that what happens in each is vitally important to US interest as well, are Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, and China. The Israeli Ambassador to the US - Salai Meridor - says this broad support of American people for Israel is of the utmost strategic importance to Israel and it must be nurtured and maintained.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

American support is vital to Israel, and when it is gone in the future, the Middle East will explode, that is according to Bible prophecy.

A recent Gallup poll revealed that in the opinion of Americans, Israel is a vital friend in the Middle East and what happens there will shape the future of the US and in particular the entire Middle Eastern region. Those nations on the most unfavorable list for Americans include the major enemies of Israel, states like Iran, Syria, Iraq, and the non-state, the Palestinian Authority (PA). In fact, these nations found unfavorable to Americans are also deemed the hot spots by those surveyed and nations that are also vitally important to US interest. This survey actually plays in to the most asked question that I have when I hold a prophecy question and answer time. The question is, "Where is the US in Bible prophecy?"

The US is not mentioned in Bible prophecy; however, it may be referred in the prophecy of Zechariah 14:2, when the ancient Jewish prophet mentions that in the Last Days, all the nations of the world will gather at Jerusalem just prior to the return of Jesus Christ to the Mount of Olives, that's Zechariah 14:4. I then add to the answer that if America is around after the seven year Tribulation Period, they will be among those nations in Jerusalem. The truth is, the main reason that God has even slightly blessed America today, is that the US is the protector of the Jewish state in our present world.

When the Rapture takes place, America will be rendered ineffective in geopolitics and Israel's enemies will attack. Remove the restraint and Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.