February 26, 2007

An Israeli born film maker claims that Jesus had a son by Mary Magdalene based upon a new discovery of the burial site of Jesus

Israeli born journalist and film maker Simcha Jacobovici claims that they have scientific evidence including DNA analysis which gives credence to the claim that Jesus of Nazareth, His mother Mary, His wife Mary Magdalene, and their son Judah were all buried in the same burial plot.

The documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, was filmed on location at a 2,000 year old cave in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem and included evidence gathered by the film producers including the report from one of the world's foremost molecular genetics laboratories as well as additional expert scholarship. Professor Amos Kloner, the Jerusalem district archeologist, says the documentary's claims are impossible and nonsense and that there was no likelyhood that Jesus and His relatives had a family tomb in Jerusalem.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The claims by a newly released film documentary that Jesus was buried with His family in a neighborhood of Talpiot in Jerusalem are incorrect according to the biblical account of the Lord's burial and Bible prophecy.

The newly released documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, makes claims that go against the record of the death and burial of Jesus Christ as found in the Bible. At first glance, the documentary, with its testimony of so-called experts in many fields, seems to build a case for their claims, but when considered alongside the Bible record of these events, the documentary is void of real truth. May I remind you that in the Middle East, authenticity of a place or an event is determined by what the Bible says, what tradition says, and then the archaeological evidence, and always in that order. Tradition says that Jesus Christ was buried about five miles from the location suggested by the documentary.

The biblical accounts or the final say on the matter and all four of the Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John give record of the actual location of the Lord's death and burial. Time will not allow a full account, but Matthew records that the centurion standing at the foot of the cross saw the veil of the Temple wrent when Christ was crucified. Matthew 27:51 states that the centurion was at the East of the Temple, not to the West in Talpiot.

Bible prophecy also gives of the Mount of Olives as the location of the death and burial of Jesus Christ, not in Talpiot.