March 14, 2007

Israeli officials are calling for a law that would jail missionaries who proselytize individuals in Israel

A number of the Israeli Knesset, its parliament, has called for a bill that would establish a law that would jail missionaries who proselytize or witness to Jewish people for the purpose of converting them to Christianity.

Citing the statistics recently published that revealed a record number of Jews converting to Islam and Christianity, the Shas political party's knesset faction proposed the bill, an expansion of the current law against missionary activity which mandates six moths imprisonment for those who encourage children and teens under eighteen years of age to convert to Christianity. The proposed anti-missionary legislation would correct the old law which does not outlaw the missionizing of adults especially new Russian and Ethiopian immigrants who Israeli officials say have only a sparse Jewish education.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

The newly proposed anti-missionary legislation in the Israeli parliament goes in the face of what Bible prophecy reveals will happen in the Last Days.

The Shas political party, an ultra-Orthodox religious party, has introduced new legislation in the Israeli Knesset that will make it a crime to try and persuade a Jewish person to consider the facts of the Jewish Bible so that they may convert to Christianity. Stating that they are not wanting to violate freedom of religion or freedom from religion, these Knesset members say they want to allow everybody to believe in their own religion and prevent harassment. The bill actually reads that Christians who are witnesses for their faith want to destroy every trace and memory of the people of Israel. How far from the truth that statement is as evidence by the Holy Scriptures.

The End Times scenario that is found in God's prophetic Word is that two witnesses, one of them the ancient Jewish prophet Elijah, will preach for three and a half years from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, that's Revelation 11:3-10. And they will convert many Jews to Jesus Christ as Messiah and Saviour. There actually will be 144,000 male virgin Jews who will convert and travel the world to preach this good news to everyone on the earth, that's Revelation 7:3-9 which indicates literally millions will convert to Christ.

This will all be done before Jesus Christ comes back to the earth at His Second Coming, Matthew 24:14.