March 15, 2007

Israeli PM Ehud Olmert admits Israel did not treat Ethiopian black immigrants as they should have

At a special ceremony held at Jerusalem's Mt. Herzl, the national cemetery where Israel's PM Ehud Olmert dedicated a monument to Ethiopian Jews who died during the immigration, the PM said Ethiopian immigrants did not find a rose paradise in the promised land and they were not treated well by the Israeli government and Israeli society.

At the ceremony dedicating a monument to the memory of 4,000 Ethiopian Jews who died on their way to Israel, the PM said that the state of Israel has invested great efforts and resources in absorbing the Ethiopian immigrants and he promised to keep investing as much as is necessary. During the three waves of the Ethiopian immigration, since 1983, over 75,000 Ethiopian Jews have immigrated to the land of Israel and over 20,000 still in Ethiopia awaiting permission to come home to Israel.

Jimmy's Prophetic Prospective on the News

Immigration of black Jews from Ethiopia to Israel over the last three decades is very significant as it relates to Bible prophecy for the Last Days.

Since 1983, there has been a concern for the plight of the black Jews of Ethiopia to the extent that nations of the world have been moved to make immigration to Israel for the Jews a high priority. Operation Solomon in May of 1991 provided for over 15,000 Ethiopian Jews to make their way to Israel in a twenty-four hour period. It was a major airlift involving over forty-two aircraft. The absorption process of the Ethiopian Jews had some bumpy roads, as admitted by Israel's PM. Even with all the problems surrounding the immigration of these Ethiopian Jews to Israel and the tragic story of over four thousand of them dying on the journey to Israel, this immigration has great prophetic significance.

The prophet Ezekiel wrote that God would search out the Jews wherever they had been scattered and bring them to the promised land, that's Ezekiel 34:11-31. The ancient prophet Zephaniah prewrote history and told of the Ethiopian being brought to Jerusalem in the Last Days, that's Zephaniah 3:10 along with Isaiah 66:20.

The monument ceremony and Israel's admission of not treating Ethiopian Jews well is a reminder that Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.